South Australian jobs are our number one priority

Labor is standing up for South Australian jobs today and creating the new industries that will provide jobs for our children.

In the face of rapidly accelerating technological change and the forces of globalisation, our economy is evolving. Traditional jobs and the skills they require are changing and jobs requiring advanced skills are emerging.

With unemployment falling more than two percentage points in the past few years, Labor will continue to make South Australian jobs our number one priority.

We will undertake major infrastructure projects that will support thousands of new jobs each year.

Importantly, these projects will create hundreds of new places for apprentices. And in recognition of the important work they do helping to build this great state, we will provide incentives to apprentices and their employers.

We will keep standing up for South Australian jobs by continuing to ensure more than 90 per cent of the people employed, and the products and materials used on our major infrastructure projects, are South Australian.

We will make Adelaide one of the most connected cities in the world through the delivery of ultra-fast internet, benefiting local businesses and attracting entrepreneurs, high tech start-ups and corporations.

We will fight to bring new companies to South Australia, and grow the industries of the future – like defence, renewable energy, tourism and advanced manufacturing – so that our children can have great careers in South Australia. 

We will back more renewable energy projects to create jobs across the state. We will fight for South Australia to be the home of the nation’s first Australian Shipbuilding Authority to lead our country’s shipbuilding and defence industries and cement our state’s long-term position as the leader in these fields.

A new Ports Authority will be established to plan for and build a new multi-user, bulk commodity port, unlocking thousands of jobs in the mining and agricultural sectors. 

The redevelopment of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site is well underway and Labor will continue to transform the site into a globally-renowned precinct focused on future industries, innovation, research, exceptional design and architecture, public spaces, commerce, arts, culture and education.

We will continue to invest in and grow our key industries of:

  • shipbuilding and defence
  • renewable energy and mining
  • tourism, food and wine
  • health and biomedical research
  • IT and advanced manufacturing.

Looking further ahead, Labor is also preparing for the jobs of tomorrow. South Australia is at the forefront of emerging industries, including:

  • space technologies
  • future digital industries such as big data, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cyber security, virtual reality and digital gaming
  • emerging renewable and climate technologies
  • food science and agricultural innovation
  • health and ageing technologies, including allied health.

We will invest in industry-driven skills and training that will lead directly to the jobs of the future, and invest in initiatives that ensure our students are equipped for careers in new and emerging industries.

We will continue our investment in TAFE, and importantly, keep it in public hands.

In the disability sector alone, more than 6000 jobs are being created in South Australia through the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We will support young South Australians to prepare for these jobs.

We will provide additional support to small businesses wanting to take part in our highly successful trade missions and increase their international profile in key emerging markets.

In our next term, Labor will continue our record investment in tourism and marketing to further drive our thriving visitor economy, including increased funding to attract even more major events to South Australia.

We will build on our history of Australian-first recycling reforms with a focus on e-waste.

Because we understand the valuable role our independent retailers play in our community, we will maintain the right balance when it comes to shop trading hours – unlike the Liberals who want to give a helping hand to the big retailers.

Only Labor will fight for the maintenance and retention of penalty rates for all workers and introduce other workers’ protections and entitlements, like industrial manslaughter laws and asbestos-awareness training.

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✔ Keep building South Australia through major investments in infrastructure, including:
further extending our tram network
- removing some of South Australia’s most congested level crossings.

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✔ Install solar and battery systems on South Australian homes in our world-leading partnership with Tesla, creating a Virtual Power Plant that will benefit  the entire state.

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✔ Fight for South Australia to be the home of an Australian Shipbuilding Authority.

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✔ Establish a new Ports Authority to plan for and build a new multi-user, bulk-commodity port.

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✔ Continue our investment in TAFE, and importantly, keep it in public hands.

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✔ Introduce new protections and entitlements for workers, including introducing industrial manslaughter laws and asbestos awareness education.

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✔ Standing up for vulnerable young workers

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✔ Connect more local businesses to ultra-fast affordable internet.

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✔ Support Investment Attraction South Australia to bring more companies like Boeing and Technicolor to our state.

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