Cheaper power, more renewable energy

The South Australian Labor Government is recognised as a world leader in renewable energy.

We knew our national electricity market was broken and the Federal Liberal Government was failing to fix it. That is why we stepped in and launched our Energy Plan – a plan to take charge of our state’s energy future and deliver South Australian power for South Australians. 

Our plan has established South Australia as a global leader in climate change and renewable energy policy – and it is driving down prices, providing incentives for private investment and increasing energy security for the state. That means cheaper, more reliable energy for all South Australians.

Only Labor will continue to take charge of South Australia’s energy future. We will provide cheaper power through more renewable energy and create jobs for South Australians now and into the future.

Labor knows that South Australian energy should be in South Australian hands. That is why, in our next term, we will establish the Energy & Water Services (E&WS) Department, to bring together South Australian-owned essential services and protect them from the Liberals’ privatisation agenda.

A Labor Government will help South Australians get a better deal on electricity and gas, and advocate for those affected by problems with the network.

We will continue to establish our state as a leading innovator of renewable energy technologies to grow the industry and create more jobs for South Australians. We will also continue our nation-leading renewable energy target.

We will implement our history-making partnership with Tesla to establish the world’s largest Virtual Power Plant in South Australia. Following a successful trial, solar and batteries will be installed on at least 50,000 South Australian homes, creating a 250 megawatt generator. This plant will demonstrate the next generation of distributed power, add stability and flexibility to our grid, provide cheaper power for thousands of South Australians, and create jobs in a key growth industry.

We will assist more South Australian households to make the transition to renewable energy, helping to reduce energy costs while driving jobs and investment in manufacturing and installation. 

We will also incentivise the purchase of electric vehicles, to support this industry of the future. A Labor Government will ensure that current and future generations have a secure and reliable energy supply that is sustainable and affordable for decades to come – and remains in the hands of South Australians.

Download our policy for cheaper power and more renewable energy

✔ Install solar and battery systems on South Australian homes in our world-leading partnership with Tesla, creating a Virtual Power Plant that will benefit  the entire state.

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✔ Establish the Energy & Water Services (E&WS) Department, to bring together South Australian owned essential services and protect them from privatisation.

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✔ Continue our nation–leading renewable energy target.

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✔ Incentivise the purchase of electric vehicles.

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